Twin Flame


I found my twin flame.
The experience has been tiring. I would love to say amazing, but I’m actually pretty irritated.

How do I know that he’s my twin flame? Oh, let me tell you honey. You can’t miss that one. You want to love him, and hate him, and explode on him, and make love to him, and fuck him, and kill him, and chop him into pieces and strew him across the whole damn world. All of it at the same time. ALL. There aren’t any subtle emotions nor reactions. Everything is a firework. EVERYTHING God bless it.

Oh, and if he’s not up-to-par in the enlightening department, guess what? You get to teach the fool. Which makes you teach yourself… which drives you absolutely bat-shit cray cray. Forget reconnection, Theta Healing and any other process that “speeds up” your returning-to-thyself process. Twin flame work? Now, that’s some nitro in your tank.

Is my reaction sending any red flags to y’all? Yeah, I’m on an ego trip and I am NOT coming back any time in the near future. I have had it up to HERE the past three years dealing with this bullshit. BULLSHIT. I AM DONE ENLIGHTENING TODAY. THE FUCKED UP IN ME HAS RECOGNIZED THE FUCKED UP IN YOU AND I DON’T CARE. DON’T CARE. Don’t care at all.

Yeah, that’s a lie. I am just way over this dealing and lovin myself shit on speed. That was not in my contract, now was it? Bitch better read the fine print before coming down for the human experience next time. Because, damn… that is just WRONG.

So, to reiterate:

I am oh-so-grateful for the experiences and challenges given to me to prove to me that I can do it all.
I am grateful that I am on this Earth, right now, during this glorious time.
I am grateful that I am sharing this experience on Earth with all that are on it.

I accept challenges wholeheartedly as I know they bring on new pieces of me that I have yet to uncover. I deal with challenges and experiences lightly and lovingly. My time here is spent enjoying all of my worldly experiences and existential happenings.


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