Say, what?


I actually created this page 3 years ago. For 3 years I have been sitting on my ass, waiting for the blog fairy to visit my head to leave some sprinkles of motivation and creativity.

Bitch never came.

It has taken me 3 years to (again) realize that I have strayed way far away from one of my real passions – writing – and that I have gotten myself sick from NOT writing anything for all of this time.

What a loon!

In 2016, I was writing daily affirmations and gratitudes, and I was flying high while I was doing so. Why did I stop? I have no clue. I forgot about myself as the blessings rolled in, as the manifestations multiplied. I became overabundant in everything… except myself.

So I start again.

I deserve to be loved. Being loved and loving is an amazing experience that I endulge in. I flourish in a relationship filled with understanding, loyalty, respect and enlightenment.

I am thankful for my eyes, for all of the beautiful sights in front of me.
I am thankful for my ears, to hear the twinkle of my children’s laughter.
I am thankful for my heart, to lead me to my divine purpose.
I am thankful for myself, for getting me to where I am today.

Namaste. Times two.

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