BumpTop is a fun, intuitive, 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. Does anyone knows any details? © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The title may contain two, short, necessary context sentences. Multiple selection is performed by means of a LassoMenu, which fluidly combines in one stroke the act of lasso selection and action invocation via pie menus. I really liked the idea of BumpTop and it's a shame nothing came of it. BumpTop is a fun, intuitive, 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. One such gesture is “scrunching” your hand to pull files into a pile. “BumpTop creates a brand new user experience for computer desktops,” said Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. If you happen to own a Dell laptop try to make sure it doesn't explode, because that's exactly what happened at a conference in Japan. Yesterday. While the download page on the official website does state: "Internet connection required for activation",[7] this may not appear in other sources such as Cnet. The existing BumpTop software for Windows and Mac, soon to be discontinued, arranges desktops into three-dimensional spaces. Update 2: Surprise, surprise. BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype. You must post a clear and direct question in the title. Bumptop was supposed to be the greatest 3D desktop. New emergency landing patent is crazy. BumpTop is an application that converts your desktop in a 3D environment. BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype. Customize.org has long been a great community to share desktop customization files, like skins for Rainmeter, Winamp, Bumptop and others, themes for Windows, wallpapers, icons, you name it. Share contacts info, pictures, calendar events, and even connect on social networks with just a bump. Additionally, no updates to the products are planned.". The BumpTop business But the interesting story here is the business for BumpTop. Welcome back to Human Capital, a weekly newsletter that looks at the latest in diversity and inclusion in tech, as well as labor. 2,990 Number of Organizations • $64.1B Total Funding Amount • 7,890 Number of Investors. BumpTop is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. It combines the look and feel of a real desk with the power of your PC. Backed by the power of PowerColor graphics, BumpTop will make the user experience more vivid and change the way the traditional computer desktop is used.”[10], BumpTop has been generally well received by critics, with many of them excited about the possibility of BumpTop's features becoming standard in GUIs. Version 1.05.2: Removed Jan 31 and all expiration dates Fixed bug … BumpTop. BumpTop provides a direct way to handle information through simple gestures. It added 14 new gestures to the system that used multiple touches on the screen. SCOTT: Hi, I’ve got an old farmhouse. Best web hosting & domain name registration. A quick preview of how Bump Top works. BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype. Alphabet Holding LLC is a holding company that is a direct subsidiary of XXVI Holdings, Inc. Acquired Enterprise Software Companies . The product has been discontinued as a consequence. There is no explicit dialog box asking the user to confirm this connection at the time it is required. BumpTop’s been bumping around for a few months on Windows, and even made a cameo in HP’s newest touch tablets. [14], In April 2010, it was announced that Bumptop had been acquired by Google. Via Mashable and ReadWriteWeb: Anand Agarwala's Bumptop, a viral demo from TED2007, has gone live (for Windows). However, the owner and creator of the site, who I won't drag into this publicly, has long ago moved on to other things, and the site has pretty much been on auto-pilot. It qualifies as big news if you have been following Apple and the long awaited release of their Jesus tablet.. BumpTop is extremely different and good. What Companies Alphabet Holding LLC Owns: Organizational Structure & Subsidiaries List. BumpTop was a 3D desktop environment that simulates the normal behavior and physical properties of a real-world desk and enhances it with automatic tools to organize its contents.