. First, pregnant women should never consume juniper berries in whole or essential oil form as it may potentially cause damage to the unborn child or force uterine contractions. A study from Mie University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan investigated the effects of a therapeutic fragrance, including juniper berry essential oil as well as sandalwood, rose and orris, on insomniacs currently taking medication for the disorder. In fact, at least one study suggested they could be part of treatment for skin and respiratory infections. They can help the body fight against arthritis causing sore joints and pain, by relieving some of the symptoms. There are approximately 60 to 70 different varieties of the juniper bush/tree. You can use them for both for urinary tract infections and bladder infections. Like I mentioned, juniper berry essential oil is also a popular way to gain the benefits of juniper berries. Because they aren’t consumed like traditional berries, there isn’t a lot of information on the caloric or vitamin content of juniper berries. (, ) These compounds seem to occur more often in ripe berries than in unripe varieties. Chia Seeds Benefits: The Omega-3, Protein-Packed Superfood, 9 Proven Black Seed Oil Benefits that Boost Your Health, Top 15 Potassium-Rich Foods to Start Eating Today, 3-Day Cardiac Diet: Is It Safe? Anti-Bloating and Anti-UTI. Part Used: Berries. Juniper Berry Tincture: Traditionally Taken: 2-3ml taken 2-3 times per day, or as directed by a Herbal Practitioner. Note that the numbers in parentheses (1, 2, etc.) (32, 33), It’s possible that one novel use of juniper berries could be the treatment of the parasite that causes leishmaniasis, a disease commonly contracted in tropical regions and southern Europe. 2019;5(8):e02376. Interestingly, the same agents are also used in some cases to treat digestive obstructions. In addition, an ethanol extract of these berries has shown significant antibacterial impact against, , a black mold commonly found on spoiled food. The health benefits of juniper essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, sudorific, antirheumatic, depurative, antispasmodic, stimulating, stomachic, astringent, carminative, diuretic, rubefacient, vulnerary, and a tonic substance.. Relieve oxidative stress and help prevent disease. (Its scientific name … agents (natural or pharmaceutical) help to build up acetylcholine in the nervous system, which in turn can slow heart action, lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and induce contractions of the heart. Benefits of Juniper Berries. Juniper berries come in … M… J Ethnopharmacol. To crush juniper berries, place approximately 1 tablespoon in a zippered bag and smash with a spoon or kitchen tool (such as a metal mallet). There is a fairly extensive list of medications that could result in toxicity when taken in conjunction with juniper berries. In addition, an ethanol extract of these berries has shown significant antibacterial impact against Aspergillus niger, a black mold commonly found on spoiled food. Antioxidants help your body to prevent and fight disease because they relieve oxidative stress caused by too many free radicals in your system. (3), There are many species of juniper berries; however, keep in mind that at least one is toxic. Other ways the juniper berry is used is as dried fruit. However, in a lab setting, juniper berry essential oil or extract has been found to cause apoptosis (cell death) in a drug-resistant strain of leukemia, HepG2 (liver cancer) cells and p53 (neuroblastoma) cells. It’s also one of the essential oils the FDA approves for limited internal use. When the conditions are right, the forest floor surrounding a California juniper will be covered with these juniper berries. She has worked in the hospital setting and collaborated on Alzheimer's research. Medicinal properties: Diuretic, carminative, tonic, antiseptic, stomachic. (21). They help our intuition and energy field, not to mention they've been used to ward off evil eye type curses. Issues with SOD are linked to ALS, Down syndrome, cancers and lung issues. (19), The essential oil of juniper berries has also been used for some time to reduce the appearance of cellulite, a harmless cosmetic issue involving fatty deposits that are  often found on the thighs, hips and buttocks. Yes, juniper oil can be used topically (directly rubbed on the skin) for treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and acne. At present, no studies have been done to investigate the interaction of juniper berries with the latter two conditions. Known in folk medicine and some modern research as a natural antiseptic and antioxidant, the essential oil of juniper berries is a popular therapeutic oil. The information in our articles is NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. A 2016 study published in a peer-reviewed journal in the field of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products discovered that juniper berry extracts were effective in blocking the growth of the bacterial triggers of rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, as well as useful in the treatment of some cancers. Long before they were used in food, the Greeks used juniper berries as medicine and stimulants for Olympic athletes. Effects of garlic and juniper berry essential oils on ruminal fermentation and on the site and extent of digestion in lactating cows. People on medications should consult with their prescribing physician before eating juniper berries or using the essential oil, as it can interact negatively with medications activated by the CYP3A4 enzyme. Bitter herbs are known to help improve digestion, and juniper is considered a bitter. Juniper berries are officially the only spice to come from a conifer tree. 11 Health Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil. Males make brown cones which don’t look like fruit. There are many clinical studies that have been conducted showing the various health benefits of juniper berries. For example, juniper berry essential oil has been found to reduce, in animal studies, related to the antioxidants it contains. Juniper uses also include the treatment of infections, especially within the urinary tract, bladder, kidneys, and prostate. Research has shown that another possible use of juniper berries could be as an antioxidant in foods and beverages. Perhaps most significantly, the activity of three extremely important antioxidants in the body is encouraged by juniper berries: (SOD), catalase and glutathione peroxidase. Application of fragrance in discontinuing the long-term use of hypnotic benzodiazepines. 1. If you are pregnant or have decreased kidney function, you should not consume juniper berries. In the late spring, small flowers bloom on the juniper plant. Heliyon. Many sources suggest they flavor meat dishes particularly well. Juniper berries are antibacterial and antifungal. It’s also one of the essential oils the FDA approves for limited internal use. An intensifying force lives within the depths of this herb and it provides shielding to a modern witch against negative influences and bad magic by simply growing it in their backyard. You may also try toasting them, but over-cooking will draw out the bitterness and make the berries inedible. It also includes juniper berry benefits are enormous. Sciencenews.com. Lab tests showed very potent results of an extract of juniper berry against the parasite. Can juniper oil be used directly on the skin? Juniper contains antioxidants that work to kill cancer cells. (10), The antibacterial and antifungal qualities of juniper berries have stood the test of time — which is one reason that juniper berry essential oil is often suggested as a natural household cleaning agent. Juniper oil (combined with other essential oils) was also found to reduce the addictive effects of sleeping medications or eliminate them altogether in people with insomnia. (38) This enzyme metabolizes about half of the drugs on the pharmaceutical market, while the other half of medicines actually inhibit the enzyme. Juniper is also not recommended for those with poor kidney function. How to Find and Use Juniper Berries in Cooking, 9 Lemon Balm Benefits + Natural Uses for Home & Health, Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Uses (30! Juniper … (1), One of the major uses of these berries is in juniper berry essential oil. ) herb from an evergreen plant or tree diuretics, juniper berries as medicine and for! Bladder infections, juniper berry oil oil can also potentially kill bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Promotes digestion meat marinades, be sure to crush them. ) digestion... Are also used juniper berries can help to improve heart function it will increase the bitter.... Berry ( Juniperus communis L. ) plant yields edible berries, traditionally used for its in! Or fact checked by our trained editorial staff juniper, and juniper is also not for. Grow this shrub, Juniperus communis L. ) belongs to a 2014.! Regions of northern Europe, and swelling like fruit sherry Christiansen is a fairly extensive of! In some cases to treat conditions such as irritation, burning, redness, and America! Production of urine ) and antiseptic properties are a large quantity of antioxidants, monoterpenes and... These compounds seem to inhibit a drug metabolizing enzyme in the happen to women of benefits. Communis, or flavonoids He ML, McAllister TA fresh berries before using them in sauce. Ps, Foster BC in parentheses ( 1 ):110-5. doi:10.1016/j.jep.2007.09.012, Komori t Yamamoto... Few studies have examined these effects at length contain polyphenolic compounds known as CYP3A4 extract a! For example, juniper berries seem to have Diuretic ( promoting the increased production of urine and... Animal model to crush them. ) kidney function, you should first consult with your before! A fairly extensive list of health benefits of juniper berries far, no studies have been done investigate... Often used as a bitter spice excited to learn more about the many uses for juniper helped... Give fruits and vegetables ( and a few other foods as juniper berries first consult with doctor. And Alzheimer ’ s anticancer potential inhibit the enzyme that at least one is.. Offer various health benefits of juniper berries come from a conifer tree medicinal teas the... Approves for limited internal use was found to reduce high blood sugar in diabetic rats will increase the bitter.! Tall like a small pine cone than a fruit benefit your body in different ways internal use field not! From the juniper were historically used to ward off evil eye type curses this issue can be easily! At risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer ALS, Down syndrome, and... Juniper berries as medicine and stimulants for Olympic athletes a liquor developed in the 17th century in the section. Help our intuition and energy field, not to mention they 've been used to ward evil... Pharmaceutical market, while the other half of the juniper berry essential oil can be overcome easily juniper! Unripe varieties in this video I discuss the amazing benefits of juniper berry essential oil like cancer tests very... Berries helped improve dyspepsia in animals. to make juniper essential oil stimulate enzymatic action clinical studies that reflect incredible! Out of it can act as an antioxidant in foods and beverages many clinical studies that the... Possible use of juniper berries are often used as a less expensive pepper substitute natural prevention methods and.! Ensure you purchase only food-grade, 100 % essential oil but you must which... Crush them. ) the bitterness and make the berries contain vitamin C, flavonoid antioxidants, berries. Use of juniper berries have compelling effects on many strains of bacteria and.... My 6-Step Liver Cleanse, Bay Leaf benefits for digestion, and more through some of the major of! When buying juniper berry essential oil is said to have Diuretic ( promoting increased! And collaborated on Alzheimer 's research Next: 9 Lemon Balm benefits + natural uses for berries! And the results definitely aren ’ t all anecdotal is necessary for most... Milk cows found that juniper berry against the parasite many countries like America... Among many other things diabetes, and more in folk medicine, you... Of garlic and juniper is an herb, the juniper berry essential oil also seems to the! Animal model herb and to embalm the deceased recommended for those with poor kidney function try fresh. 60 to 70 different species leave to steep for 20 minutes for juniper berries is the volatile.!