Have you ever wished that you could telepathically transmute the words from your thoughts into a book you could read later? How is it that, when I duly prepare myself for literary exemption, all of those interesting and contemplative thoughts and material just evaporate?

When did I become so limited?!

I have been precociously running on minimal hours of sleep for absolutely no apparent reason for several days now and methinks it’s catching up to me, slowly-but-quickly. Perhaps several years of “keeping low” has also limited my intellectual development. Keeping the company of subpar human beings (and full well knowing that you’re hanging out with shitheads) has shown destructive to the ol‘ nerve network.

So, guess what. You uncover a flaw, and move on. Preferrably, you fix it and then move on, but even if you don’t get to it right away – move on! Keep going! No matter what you do, just keep going. When your body wants you to not move just to “be safe”, that’s when you need to move the most. Otherwise, you’re a shithead, too.

Things are good, remember?

I see the good and comforting in every situation which comes my way. I easily comfort myself and continue on my journey.

Thank you for the absolute abundance that I live in. Thank you for my cognitive ability. Thank you for me being me.


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